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21 07 2014
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2012 Visual Effects and Compositing Show Reel

23 01 2013

Visual Effects Show reel from J. McCulloch on Vimeo.

2012 Animation and Modelling Show Reel

23 01 2013

Animation and Modelling Showreel from J. McCulloch on Vimeo.

Freelance Image Manipulation

23 01 2013

The CEO of Pukkah International came to me due to an issue he was having with images taken in Thailand. The images included an incomplete version of one of his turrets and he required a fully complete version in order to show to a client. The turret had a post sticking out through the roof with some beams coming out the side of it, instead of this hole at the top of the turret, the roof should have been a fully complete pyramid.

He asked me if I could remove the post and the hole from the original images and fill in the gap so that the turret was a complete pyramid. I was given 3 images each with a different angle of the turret. The first image below is one of the original images with the post still in place and the second image is the finished version after I removed the post and filled in the rest of the pyramid and background.

5032 full roof viewModified - 5032 full roof view

The Leith Agency – Work Experience

27 11 2012

Through getting involved in a programme named Gen Up which was a five week industry immersion experience with TRC Media, Channel4 and the BBC; I was also given the opportunity to work at the Leith Agency for a week.

During my time at the Leith Agency I worked on a 3D logo for a company named ASCO and created 5 different concepts for consideration:


In the last three days of the placement I was asked to create an animation of the Leith Agencies logo. I was given an illustration / idea, and had to complete the project from start to finish, including rendering, in the time I had left on my placement. Here is what I accomplished:


Leith Pac-Man Logo from J. McCulloch on Vimeo.

Freelance Web Design

27 11 2012

I was contacted by the CEO of a company that specializes in termite resistant wood and asked to create a website for his new company that is planning to expand internationally. The aimed clients of the company were mainly in America around the Florida area. As well as creating the website I was also involved in the following:

  • Company logo design and creation.
  • Image enhancement, and optimization for the web.
  • Host management and email creation for employees.
  • Establishing the companies social networking accounts

Check out the company website at:

Summary of Notable Work up to 2012

6 06 2012

Special Effects for CGI – Assessment 2 – Year 4

Honours Project – Year 4

Animation Production 2 – Year 3

Special Effects for CGI – Assessment 1 – Year 4

Virtual Elements in to a Real Environment

Real Elements in to a Virtual Environment

Virtual Environments – Project – Year 4

Exterior Environment

Interior Environment